I would recommend Stevenage Cars), they were very helpful but no pressure or hard sell to buy and no hidden extras to advertised price.
Anonymous, 03 Dec 2021

Friendly service

Quick and swift process. Friendly and helpful, no problems on my end. Would buy from them again.
Anonymous, 13 Dec 2021

Made everything very easy.

Good to find car dealers who are honest and decent. They find a perfect balance of allowing you time to look over the vehicle but yet being on hand to offer advice or information. Particularly good with my wife being polite and kind and not in any way patronising or condescending. Thank you, would definitely use Stevenage Cars again
Mr Young, 12 Feb 2022

Honest service without pressure selling of any kind. The best experience!

Friendly service and genuine appraisal of value. Would recommend without hesitation.
Anonymous, 14 Feb 2022

Very good customer service

Very informative about the cars and they are very helpful in finding you a car to meet your needs. All the cars are a fair price for what they are and they offer a great warranty on all the cars they sell.
Anonymous, 02 Apr 2022
No pressure from sales people, allowed to look around lots of cars and test drive. Good stock level of cars around 3-5K. Bought one. Going back this weekend to look at one for my daughter. They are in an industrial type park but follow signs it's easy to find.
Neil Davis, 15 Jun 2022
Very helpful when we came in for a new van, honest and straightforward I would highly recommend this place for piece of mind when spending thousands on a new motor. Fingers crossed partner keeps this one cleaner lol
Rachael Bushnell, 15 Oct 2021
Went to look for a car today with my wife, although we haven't made a purchase yet the salesman was incredibly friendly and helpful.
He moved numerous cars for us so we could test drive a number of different vehicles despite him being very busy with numerous other customers.
Nothing was too much trouble and at no point was there a hard sell or any pressure to make a purchase.
When we decide what car we want to purchase this is the first place we will visit.
Ben Willis, 05 May 2021
Friendly staff and easy process of paperwork
Robert Hoang, 21 Jul 2022
These guys made getting a car way less stressful, you can tell they are prioritising customer service. They helped me fill in the paper work and ensured everything was okay before I left. Two days later I had a problem with the car, these guys would allow me to take it to a local garage to get fixed as it was under warranty. I cant thank you guys enough for the service provided. My car works perfectly and I love it.
Laura Goode, 09 Jun 2021